Developed with over two decades of knowledge the Surf Movement 12 week program ensures that you can become and athlete for life!

This 76 Page eBook is a digital download packed with 12 weeks worth of workouts that can be integrated into your lifestyle in a flexible and maintainable way that ensures you continue with the program long after you complete the first 3 months. In downloading the eBook you not only access to all of these amazing workouts but you also get access to a video library walking you through each exercise and how you can get the most out of it for your body. Not to mention access to our exclusive Facebook group where we will be uploading weekly tips and tutorials to keep you on track with your program.

Let’s Move well, Move stronger and Move for your entire life of surfing!

Program Cost $79.99


What’s inside

This 12 week program provides a structured workout schedule aimed to get you moving better, stronger and for longer. Whether you are a ‘life athlete’, a professional one or a coach, the ebook has something for everyone allowing you to get excited to train while improving along the way.



Whilst I have developed the program to be done with minimum equipment needed, you will still need to use the gym for some exercises. The program has also been designed to use body weight where possible and contains around 70 - 85% bodyweight exercises.

How to download

Once you have purchased the ebook you will receive a confirmation email containing your download link(if you can’t find the email check your junk folder). to access the ebook click the download link and save it to your device. then you can Get started on the training!



All purchases for digital downloads made on OUR WEBSITE are non-refundablE. Due to IT BEING A DIGITAL PRODUCT, we cannot accept any request for refunds. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED IN ERROR please contact us via SURFMOVEMENT@GMAIL.COM


THE PROGRAM HAS BEEN BROKEN UP INTO FOUR PARTS, EACH PROGRAM consists of four blocks, Blocks A,B,C and D Program A is the main component of the 12 week program, Programs B,C and D are only completed once to twice per week. These will act a guideline to your training, you should do what suits your lifestyle.


Love From Our Clients


Jay Thompson

Rod’s Training techniques and knowledge of the body are second to none. I have seen an incredible improvement in my surfing ability, fitness and strength.

Graeme mcdonald

Rod has totally transformed my swimmers core strength through his unique functional movements. Injuries are a thing of the past for me, thanks to his innovative training ideas.

olympia nicolson

Thank you for believing in my goals HPHP. Previously the gym was boring for me and I didn’t find it motivating or interesting. You changed that!