Surf Movement Seminar - Melbourne

Surf Movement Seminar - Melbourne


This workshop is an introduction to various key concepts related to surfing and movement hosted by 5th Element Wellness. It will prepare the participants to practice the Surf Movement Method in their training regime to improve surfing performance, prevent injuries, build a mindset for success, as well as creating a body for life long surfing.

You will learn a diverse range of bodyweight surf movement patterns inspired by disciplines such as capoeira, gymnastics, pilates, Chinese martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, yoga, ginastica natural and dancing. 

4 hours: 1 - 5pm with a short break.

We will work on drillsprotocols, and exercises to enhance your coordinationstabilitymobility, and strength. As well as exploring basic upper and lower body surf movements designed to strengthen your muscles, tendons, joints and nervous system. The surf movement method is easily tailored to your level of strength and skills. Many have found this method very successful and a real eye-opener for both beginners and seasoned athletes. 

Our goal is to help you improve your surfing not just now, but also as you get older. Giving you the knowledge to becoming an athlete for life!

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